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Lanzada en USA y Europa el 28 de Julio de 2017, la Nintendo 2DS XL es una consola portátil de la familia de la 3DS XL.

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Nintendo 2ds xl won’t turn on

So i got my 2ds xl about 2 months ago and one day I closed it to put it in sleep mode and then I tried turning it on 20 minutes later and it wouldn’t turn on. The device charges fine the charge light comes on but when I got to turn it on no blue light comes on and no screen comes on. I don’t know what to do and I’ve tried everything.

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you need to more than likely replace the fuse , the nintendo dsi XL has two fuses one near the battery that powers the device and one that charges the battery it appears yours needs the first one or you can to a solder bridge but that will make it more likely to recieve electrical damgage if something happens

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