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Lanzada el 3 de marzo de 2017, la Nintendo Switch es una consola de mano que se puede ver en la televisión o usarla tal cual.

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Nintendo switch not charging after port replacement

I recently replaced my nintendo switch’s USB-C port and tried charging it and nothing just a black screen, then i got a nintendo switch battery which was fully charged and plugged it in and powered it on and still the black screen, any ideas as to what might be causing this? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It might be a motherboard problem

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Most likely one of the chips on the motherboard is faulty. Could be the M92T36 chip and or the P13USB chip or possibly something else but those are the two most common. The easiest way to diagnose those is by looking for shorted capacitors near the chips like I show in this video:

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Hi TronicsFix,Thank you for replying, I believe i have faulty capacitors, Is there a specific capacitor i am supposed to purchase? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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@migjav It's highly unlikely that the capacitors are faulty. 99.9% of the time it's one or more of the IC's on the motherboard

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Oh I see, but just in case could you provide me with the type of capacitors I am suppose to purchase if it does turn out to be a faulty capacitor. Thank you.

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@migjav I don't know what they are. I've never had to replace one...even if I did I'd just take it from a junk board. Sorry

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