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I cant find my model please help me

I have a Samsung notebook model NP530E5M-X02US.

I need to know how to take the back off it so i can replace the cmos battery plus since i will have it open I want to replace the battery too. I need guidence on taking it apart and part number for battery . Would you please help? It has windows 10 and intel i5- 7200u CPU 8.00GB Ram pen and touch screen

If it helps Serial number is 0QGR91JJ104767

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Because it’s an old laptop and MacBooks used this method back then, it probably uses screws to hold the back panel in place.

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Hi @acts238 ,

Here’s a link to a video that shows how to open a Samsung NP 530E5 to replace a faulty DC-In socket.

Hopefully it is good enough to help you to gain access to the CMOS battery.

Once you have it open, find the model number listed on the main battery (unable to see it that well in the video) and search online using the model number to get results for suppliers.

Just a note:

When working inside an open laptop, ensure that you disconnect the main battery as soon as you can, before getting on with any repairs etc, to avoid causing any electrical problems in case you slip when using tools etc. Mechanical damage problems are different ;-). Don’t forget to reconnect it before you close up.

Just because the laptop is turned off doesn’t mean that there isn’t any power still available at various points on the motherboard. The power button is not a power isolating button.

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I’ve always worked on tower cases and not laptops so this was very helpful before I tear into it. I just hope its as easy as a tower case .and I hope I can find a high quality replacement battery. I plan on keeping this laptop for years to come . thank you for all your time and help.

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This might help:

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