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{A1706 / EMC 3071}: lanzado en junio de 2017, este Macbook Pro de 13 "presenta procesadores Kaby Lake de hasta 3.5 GHz Core i7 con Turbo Boost de hasta 4.0 GHz.

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Touch Bar not responding to touch


So it all started with the butterfly keyboard issue. After it was successfully repaired, my touch bar was broken.

The issue is that it does not respond to touch. It is responding very well to to software change, and the lights are working perfectly well. basically the only thing not working is the touch (fingerprint working fine).

Another thing to note, is that i can’t find the “Touch Bar Agent” in the activity monitor (touchbarserver and control strip are there).

Of course i tried all the fixes that you can find from a google search and nothing worked.

Anyone can offer some insights on the problem? is it an easy fix? Maybe a cable not properly attached? can I avoid taking it to an apple store?

Thank you,


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Touch bar response to touch stopped working after screen replacement. I think the screen is not fully compatible with computer is there a way to fix it without replacing the screen?

macbook pro 13” touch bar a1706

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Same modle, same problem. Did u figure out a way to fix it?

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How was your problem solved?

Please help I am greatly frustated

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I did not fix it. I'm using the CAPS Lock as ESC and learned to do without it. I think the repair cost is just not worth it.

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I too am having the same problem, though I didn't do any such replacement. I bought my MBP new and everything has been working perfectly until the last couple weeks where the Touch Bar is exactly like yours, always changing, lighting up fine and responding to software switches, but not to touch. The fingerprint scanner also works fine for me. What is the solution?

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Did you damage the Touch Bar’s ribbon cable?

You may only need to restart the Touch Bar micro controller or it may require a new Touch Bar assembly.

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Hi @danj

Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure if the ribbon cable is damaged. The initial keyboard repair was done at a certified repair shop. But the bar is working fine except for the responsiveness to touch.

How to restart the micro controller? If you are referring to SMC/NVRAM then yes tried that.


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Here's how to reset it: How to Manually Refresh Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

If the display is OK but not the touch then you likely have a defective sensor plate which is part of the assembly.

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Hmm so i need to replace the full touch bar assembly. Problem is that i can’t find a replacement part. I guess i’ll have to wait for it to be available.

Thanks for the help!

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I solved resetting the SMC

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The touch bar on my 2019 MacBook Pro 16 inch has stopped working twice and I have only had it for less than 14 days and I’ve used it for less than 24 hours total. I’m wondering if there is something wrong with them.

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I have had my Macbook Pro 16 inch repaired 4 times now in one month. They also changed everything from the interior. It took me one week for it to stop working again. Terrible computers. Worst ever.

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I have MBP 16 and I have the same problem after a week of usage... someone solved?

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How did you manage to make it work? I also got my computer frontpanale replaced at apple service center and once they gave my computer back, my touchbar is not working since then. Can someone help me here please.

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If you just had it fixed I would bring it back as it will be fixed under the Apple service warranty!

It will be an expensive repair on its own.

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