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Lanzado el 4 de noviembre de 2017. Modelo A1865, A1901. Disponible como GSM o CDMA / 64 o 256 GB / Silver o Space Gray. (Se pronuncia igual que "iPhone 10.")

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Glitchy screen after screen repair

About a week ago I replaced an iPhone X screen. Everything was working fine after the replacement. Two days later the screen started to glitch and just go black for a split second and go about life… The problem is still there and I’m not sure why. Can it be the screen is faulty maybe???

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Where did you get the screen, the touch panels on the copy oled, HO3 and LCD versions of the iphone X are the cheaper kind (you can see the easy digitizer in sunlight) are not very good.

There was a known issue with the iphone X causing touch problems after repair and this IIRC was a software update.

Try reseating the connectors and see if there is any bits of crud in the connectors on the motherboard.

it could very well be just a bad screen

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I had the same problem, I sent the screen back and got a replacement. I haven’t had any graphical glitching with the new screen, so I would say it’s pretty safe to assume that the screen itself was faulty.

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Try By hard resetting your iPhone, you’ll force it to abruptly turn off and back on. Sometimes crashed software can cause screen glitches, so restarting your iPhone may fix the problem.

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Sometimes this happened’s when the screws are to tight. Make sure thy aren’t to tight.

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how do you untighten them

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@MaeTiny Lofton using the correct bit, twist slightly counter clockwise.

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