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Compressor not turning on, fan does run

LG lfc24770st French door refrigerator with bottom freezer. Coils are clean, fan runs. Light and temp display function. I checked the relay, for continuity, and it seemed OK. The There is no visible damage to the start capacitor. The fridge and freezer are warm, and the compressor doesn’t seem to turn on.

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Hi @scott320 ,

Can you check if there is power available to the compressor motor when it fails to start?

Be safety aware if you try this.

If the problem is the compressor, according to this link there is a 5 or 10 year manufacturer’s warranty on the compressor (depending on type - click on Warranty information “Details” link)

Have you seen this in regard to LG compressors?

Just some thoughts

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Thanks for the suggestion, I didn’t check for power to the compressor. Good idea, I’ll try that before throwing in the towel. If there’s no power, what are likely culprits? Replacing the board?

Thanks too for the info on the lawsuit.


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Hi @scott320 ,

Don't know the circuit but would assume that the control board operates the start relay which would supply power to the compressor. Burnt out contacts on relay?

If you can't hear the relay operate check if it has power to operate when required and if it doesn't since you've already checked it for continuity then it's back to the control board

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Thanks again about the tip on the compressor. Checked and looks like an open winding. Checked voltage going to compressor, and it was good. Looks like the compressor is bad.

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So, I contacted LG. They have a 5 yr parts and labor warranty on any cooling issues, and are sending someone out. Thanks for the help

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Hi @scott320 ,

Thanks for the feedback.

Good luck ;-)

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First thing that comes to mind - If it has auto defrost, check the auto defrost timer and make sure it is running. You may be able to advance it by hand. Another possibility - check the thermostat by disconnecting the leads and shorting them together to simulate the call for cooling. If that turns it on then you need a new thermostat.

Good luck

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Good thought. Checked the resistance and it looks like it was about right (3.4K at room temp) Looks like a bad compressor is the culprit

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