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Vertical purple strip down right side of screen

There’s a 5 inch purple strip down the right side of the screen (not all the way at the right). This ends approximately 3 inches from the right edge of the screen. This strips stays on no matter what input I change to. Channels and menus display over the strip. It does not stay solid purple. TV is a Toshiba 65L5400U.

Block Image

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this “Channels and menus display over the strip. “ would make me start with the T-con board,after that the main board. If the menu etc. is not affected by those but show normal it most commonly is not the main board. You may need to consider posting some pictures of what your screen shows as well as your boards so we can see what you see. Agregar imágenes a una pregunta existente

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Just uploaded the picture. Thanks!


Explain this "Channels and menus display over the strip. " a little more in depth. Does that strip show on the menu or doe the menu show normal?


The strip always shows including on the menu. I apologize for the poor wording but I was trying to say that no matter the input or what is on the screen, the purple strip is there but stuff displays over it such as the no signal bar in the picture that I uploaded.


So I've now tried replacing the T-con board and the main board. Still no change. What's next?


@ndecriscio I would have tried to troubleshoot the boards first before spending money :-) but a good test is of course to replace the boards. Since you did this and have no change it appears as if there are issues with the panel. you could check the LCD driver board (it is part of the panel and cannot be replaced) to check for burned or missing components but chance are that this is a bad panel.


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