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Nintendo handheld device released February 2011, identified by model number CTR-001.

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Can anyone help me figure out why my 3DS isn’t charging?

When I plug the charger in the device (the one that came in the box with the device) the orange light comes on for a few seconds and just goes. When I press the power button, nothing happens. I purchased this 3DS in 2011 also. Can someone help please?

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I don’t own a 3ds but from my research let me suggest a few repairs: 1. try taking out batter and putting back in. 2. Take out ur game cards and memory to prevent damage to them. ( I damaged my ps vita memory card by not doing it) 3. Try cleaning Charging port and battery contacts. 4. Try leaving 3ds on charge overnight 5. Last resort would be to disassemble ur 3ds and check all the components with a multimeter or if u don’t have one try unplugging and repluging all modules and wires and make sure every thing is properly connected i suggest taking a picture of internals before disassembling anything. Hope it helps

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