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Random freezes & VDH002 "There may be an issue with a storage device"

Hi guys,

My mid 2015 MacBook Pro with Radeon graphics that I bought 2.5 years will randomly/intermittently freeze. Then when I restart the system I get a blinking “folder with ?“. I did reset SMC & NVRAM and its still failing.

My computer only work when you stop using it for a couple of hours, meaning you have to rest the system.

This problem is hard to replicate because it happens randomly. My system still has Apple care and it will expire around this August 29 2019.

Right now it’s working fine as I able to type this message, and when I run diagnostic it sees no problem. But when my computer freezes and that blinking “folder with ?.“ will appear again, I get VDH002 when I run diagnostic.

I managed to film it and upload it to youtube: MacBook Pro ssd problem

Also note, 4 weeks ago, my system went into repair under AppleCare due to bulging battery issue, they did fix it for free and reinstall Mojave, so my MacOS is 4 weeks fresh.

I’ve talked to Apple support via phone and chat, and it seems that they are trying their best to imply that this is a software problem.

But when I search the internet about my problem, it seems that it’s more related to hardware.

Is this a software or hardware problem?

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Apple diagnostics report:

VDH002 - VDH004 - Storage device issue

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I have the exact same issue on a 2015 15” retina. But, it persisted after an SSD change. Did you get this fixed and if so what exactly did they replace?

Thanks in advance

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I faced same issue. How to handle this :(

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okk. Thanks :)

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@duke_jang did you manage to solve it?

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Yes! You do have a hardware issue within the blade SSD and/or its connector.

You need to get a replacement SSD from Apple. This time before you go take a snapshot of your SSD’s information from ‘About This Mac’ > System Report printing it and storing it on an external drive, so you can ID your SSD from the new one Apple needs to install to make sure they do.

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I brought it on Apple repair last Friday, and as I understand, they will only replace the defective part if they able to replicate the problem. And since my problem is intermittent, I think they will not going to replace it and instead reinstall MacOS only. I showed them the picture and video of the problem, I really wish they will replace the SSD. If not, then it's a sad news for me.

Even though I have apple care, I still struggle to get a replacement. What if my warranty runs out? I'm sure it's almost impossible.

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As they say a squeaky wheel gets the grease!

You'll need to pester them until they give in. You got an error you documented it, pressure them they need to replace the logic board and the SSD now as you don't trust them!

You likely need to push the manager and then his manager to get this resolved. Write a note to big Tim if you still can't get anywhere. Just be polite but firm.

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I'm having same problem. Did you find a solution?

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There is some excepion: in my experience (I work for Mac repair shop) sometime VDH002 is not related directly to some disk fail.

This Year I solved two similar cases on MacBook Pro 15 retina A1398 2015 with VDH002 error and freezed apple during boot.

In my examples MacBook never boot: this is not an intermittent problem.

But Apple tests give me VDH002 in both cases.

I try to change SSD board without success and (very very strange) I cannot boot from external device (perfectly working USB bootable disk with macOS sierra).


So, I suppose there was some different problem, not disk related.

And I start my work….

After analysis on logic board (3.3v on L3700, SSD connector, change of U3740 / U3710 / U3711, voltages, ecc.), no problem found: logic board was in perfect condition (no oxyde, all core voltages OK, no shorts, etc.).

Finally - as last disperate attempt - I try to re-programming EFI bios (hardware programming of EEPROM chip contains EFI bios).

First attempt: write EFI bios normal version for this logic board. Result: No success. Same problem.

Second attempt: EFI bios clear-ME version. Result: success!! Both Macs boot perfecty.

I lost a lot of time before my attempts on EFI chip…

Finally, customer tell me that his Mac fails after some recent Mojave system update…

so this confirm that problem - in my examples - occurs after some bad EFI update related to Intel ME, with some anomaly in peripherals management.

Recap: In my examples after Mojave system update I have VDH002 error and both internal/external boot was not possible.

I hope this will useful for someone.



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Hey. Ive been having the sams problem. However in my case if I open up the laptop and remove the ssd and put it back its starts to works again. As a repair technician do you have any idea why this might happen? Second question how do you flash bios on macbook? Ty

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Your case is different.

I suppose there is some problem in SSD socket circuit so Mac cannot work with your Disk.

This is a common problem on some A1398 version and only internal socket doesn't work: a good technician can solve your problem.

To flash bios, You have two ways:

1) SPI programmer + some SPI flat (e.g. this

2) SPI programmer + solder/desolder capabilities, to remove and resold EFI eeprom chip.

Personally I use second way because SPI flat often doesn't work, this is very expensive part and it need to apply external voltage to board (NOT GOOD for me);

however some Mac version mount EFI bios in WSON8 format (chip is SMD and in extra smal format). You need more experience in SMD solder to remove its.

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Same issue, how this EFI reprograming is done?

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Carlo, could you please explain how you did the EFI bios clear-ME version. Result: success!! Both Macs boot perfecty.

I have the same issue.

I purchased a disk enclosure, took the HD from the MBP and put it in the enclosure, then chose it as start up disk the same HD was connected to MBP via USB opened and everything was working like a charm..

I think its either the cable or the solution you tried. Can you advise?

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If PCIe disk (or other disk) can boot without problems from USB enclosure, You have to investigate on internal SSD socket (gumstick3 connector) and PCI/SSD circuit. But only some technician can solve this problem.

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VDH002 error is coming because HDD Flex is damaged do not do any OSX reinstall or anything just replace the flex everything will be alright this same issue im getting every 1 1/2 year or 2 years every time since i got my 13inch MacBook pro mid 2012 following link will help you to find a flex from eBay have a nice day. if you wanna use you MacBook until you get the flex try using your internal HDD or SSD with a external HDD enclosure this will keep you going till you get your flex delivered

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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This post is for 15” macbook a1398: this model doesn’t mount flex or cables.

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My SSD is integrated into the motherboard as a flash chips.
The idea with external SSD looks good.

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