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No air coming through heating element

My whirpool duet dryer is getting too hot, so I opened it up and cleaned the lent from the dryer vent. Didn’t help, so I checked the heating element in the dryer. No air is going through the heating element, but I have plenty of air leaving the dryer vent. Any idea what may be causing this problem?

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Connor Young what is the exact model number for your dryer?

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Connor Young  check your blower. It is the blower that draws air into your heater and thus into the drum. You need to tell us how you checked the heating element and if you checked the high limit thermostat as well as your thermal fuse and cut-off fuse. This seems to be an airflow issue

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I just changes heating element thermal fuse hi and lo cut offs and it's all working but now there is a banging noise when running?

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@kimf1980 double check your work and make sure that the drum is properly suspended etc.

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Oh it ended up melting a piece of thevelement to.the piece that sits in front of it and then kept tripping breaker

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@kimf1980 did you knew this when you replaced the element? Did you check for other damage?

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