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Guías de reparación y dispositivos para el teléfono inteligente Samsung Galaxy J5 2016, modelo SM-J510FN.

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Very slow Charging But connecting to pc

Hi , I have a problem With my android phone That started After the OS Stucked and Freezed But then i removed the sd card and started working fine But the problem is that When i try to charge it, It charges very very slow, one night of charging gives 3 percent but still connecting to pc And transfers data normally , i tried everything like changing adapter and Cable but still nothing i discovered that when i put my tongue In the pins that connects to the battery they deliver very low Current compared to my other galaxy j5 phone . Is there any solution to this ? Thank you

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no matter how sensitive your tongue maybe it is no substitute for a meter. I suggest you try a USB ammeter first and see how many amps your phone is pulling when it is charging. It does sounds like you have either an issue with the charging circuit or the battery.

Samsung had a bulletin for the charging defect:

Charging defect or no power-on for SM-J500/J700 can be caused by IF PMIC defect.

This document ==>> Samsung SM-J500 Charging Defect will help you with that repair

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