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Why can’t I rewind my cassette tapes?

When I try to rewind my cassette tapes only the little metal rod in the bottom right corner spins, and my left cassette dock prong does not spin when I try to rewind. How can I fix this?

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Hi @spencer11234 ,

What is the make and model of the cassette player (or device in which it is located)?


It is a toshiba rt80/s and there is no problem with the actual cassettes. There are two prongs the cassette go on to play in my boom box and when I try to rewind none of them spin.


@jayeff *see above*


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Hi @spencer11234

It may be a loose (worn) drive belt or a dirty pinch roller or capstan.

You may have to dis-assemble the radio to gain access the cassette deck to inspect the belt and clean the pinch roller and capstan.

If it is the belt, unfortunately I have been unable to locate a supplier of the part.

I found this supplier but it appears as though the belts are listed by cassette deck model and not the model number of the device they’re installed in.

Hopefully the cassette deck model number is printed somewhere on your cassette deck and you can locate a drive belt using the deck number

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Seems that the tapes are not been used for long time; this happens in unused cassettes as the tapes gets stick to one another. Hold the cassette in one hand and gentle tap it on your secondhand’s palm. Most of the time it should solve the issue. (This method needs to be done very carefully as there is a risk of tape getting damaged) In extreme cases you need to open the cassette and release the parts which are stuck together.

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