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Screen flickering when I have anything maximized.

HP Pavillion 23 all in one model number 23-f213w. The computer came with windows 8 and my customer upgraded it to windows 10. A few months later while her son was playing a game on it the screen started flickering, turning black then back on, turning black with multi colored lines on it then back on then white then back on. Random things like this happens.

However it doesn’t seem to happen when on just the desktop, but only when I have an app, or browser, or anything open, it will start this issue. While it starts doing this I can go back to the desktop and it seems to stop until I go back to the browser or app. I can also us the app or browser in a smaller screen and it will not flicker.

I have uninstalled the display driver and the monitor driver and updated them. Windows is up to date (no updates available).

I went to the hp support page and there seems to be no downloads for any other windows versions other than windows 8 and 8.1

The driver for the monitor is a gerneric pnp.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue with out going back to windows 8?

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@b23norris this “I can also us the app or browser in a smaller screen and it will not flicker. “ sounds like a memory issue. See what the allocation is toward the display memory. The only other thing I would consider is a bad/incompatible driver.

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