Frigidaire Affinity Gas Dryer Wont Ignite

My Frigidaire Affinity gas dryer is not igniting properly.

First of all…the lint filter, exhaust duct, combustion chamber, internal ducts, etc are spotlessly clean. They were not dirty or clogged initially, and have been thoroughly cleaned during this process.

The problem…start the dryer, and the drum turns and the ignitor glows brightly. Gas valve opens, but burner does not ignite. Timer works.

I have replaced the flame sensor, and that made no change. I then replaced the gas valve coils, and that made no change.

BUT…If I open the dryer door even slightly and hold the door button down, it will ignite EVERY time, and run the complete cycle. Close the dryer door, wont ignite.

So, in order to get some clothes washed, I put a piece of tape over the door switch to hold it in. Start the cycle, dryer ignites, close door, flame stays lit, and dryer completes cycle.

Sounds like it is not getting sufficient combustion air flow to ignite the flame, but everything is spotlessly clean inside. Air flow out the vent is good. I’m at a loss. Help appreciated.


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