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El PowerMac G5 es un ordenador de escritorio producida por primera vez en 2003 por Apple Corporation. Esta guía revisará el proceso de reparación de un número de modelo Apple PowerMac G5 A1047 EMC 2061 de 2004.

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Replace IDE optical with SATA Bluray for data burning


I have an internal SATA Pioneer BDR drive. I have a Power Mac G5 2.0GHz dual with one internal HD.

I would like to dedicate the G5 for BDR data burning.

How can I go about doing this? From what I have read Toast 8 will run on PPC and allow for bluray disc burning. What other bits of hard ware do I need?

Update (03/13/2019)

Just another note (kind of moot but for posterity I suppose)

The manual also volunteers the following on page 44:

Overview of Making a Data Disc

This section describes the basic process of making any data disc with Toast.

To make a data disc:

1 At the left side of the Toast window, click on Data.

2 Choose the disc format. For example, choose Mac Only.

3 Choose any optional settings.

4 Add files and folders to the disc by dragging and dropping them into the Content Area from your hard disk or the Media Browser, or by clicking the Add button at the bottom of the Media Browser.

5 Optional: Rearrange, rename and remove items from the Content

Area. See Working With Data Content on page49.

6 Insert a blank, recordable CD, DVD, HD DVD, or Blu-ray disc.

7 Click the red Record button, choose a recorder from the list, and configure recording options, such as “Number of Copies.”

8 Click Record to continue.

Toast displays a progress bar and status information as it records your disc.

Update (03/13/2019)

There is an interesting discussion that I am in the middle of reading,

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More on this can be found here, Leopard Really Likes Blu-ray Burners - Lionel - 06:16:07,

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First, Apple never offered a Blue-ray optical drive for their systems!

While you can get 3rd party Blue-ray burners for Mac’s, I have never seen an internal offered for the G5 systems.

So why can’t I get one? Simply put, the version of OS-X your PowerPC based G5 system uses needs a different driver than what the newer Intel systems use (Mac Pro). This is the difference between RISC Vs CISC based chip architecture. You would need to create our own driver somehow and this is not a trivial task!

Here’s one source for the Mac Pro systems (Intel) Blue-ray burners

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Hi Dan

Thank you for the reply.

I actually have the drive and computer here and am tempted to test this because according to the Corel page, the Toast 9 system requirements describes the following. I should mention that I am not interested in BDMV (video authoring).

In summary Toast 9 should make up for the missing driver. Do you have any thoughts that you could offer?

I am going to try this and document any particulars. I will more than happy to return to this thread and leave my findings.

Toast Titanium 9 Minimum System Requirements:

* Macintosh computer with a PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5, or Intel processor. PowerPC G5 or Intel processor required for encoding and viewing high definition content

* CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or HD DVD recordable drive

* Mac OS X v10.4.x and Mac OS X v10.5.x

* 600 MB of free disk space to install

* Up to 15 GB of temporary free disk space during usage

* Additional space may be required when working with high definition content

* QuickTime 7.x

* Internet connection required for some functionality

HD DVD and Blu-ray (BDMV) video authoring functionality requires purchase of the HD/BD plug-in.

Thanks again Dan!

- de

Sadly no, Apps don't often offer device drivers (if they came with hardware then they would).

Toast does not offer the needed hardware drivers.

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Hi Dan

Thank you for your continued participation. I did install Roxio and a RoxioBluRaySupport.kext in /System/Library/Extensions. The BDR drive I have doesn’t appear to be detected in working ports but the drive does work on another Intel Mac.

I find it interesting that the Toast 9 Manual has the following on page 23:

Blu-ray Disc Media 

If you have a Blu-ray recorder, you can use blank Blu-ray disc (BD-R) media to store data on Blu-ray discs which hold about 25 GB of information. Most Blu-ray recorders support dual-layer Blu-ray discs, which hold about 50 GB of information. Some Blu-ray recorders also support rewritable (BD-RE) media, which can be erased and reused.

I wonder if my drive is just to new or if the installation is incorrect.

I will try my tenacity for a little longer, if I succeed I wil report back.

Dan, thank you for providing your support on this issue.

Kind regards


- de

Lets look at this like a car ... You put fuel in, turn the key and go!

But lets say you have a diesel engine in your car, you stop at the gas station and try to pump gas into the tank Nope, won't work! You need diesel fuel!

In either case gas or diesel you drive the same way turn the wheel, press on the pedals and you go!

So what does that have to do with your problem ...

First you need to use a supported drive within your hardware system in this case a PowerPC based G5 and under the OS it runs. You can't use an Intel driver as thats like putting gas into your diesel car.

Focus on the drive and what hardware it supports. The nut you face here is there just no Blue-ray support anymore in current drives as its just too old.

The best you can do here is you need to find a used Blue-ray drive (with the needed driver support for your OS).

The App is the least important element here. Until you get the workable Blue-ray drive into your system with the required driver it makes no difference what they say!

- de

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I found a solution.

LaCie once shipped a LaCie D2 Blu Ray drive.

This drive’s system requirements were Mac OS X 10.3.2 and up.

After downloading and installing the 52KB software (likely a .kext file sitting in /System/Library/Exensions mt Pioneer BDR-209EBK drive which is currently without an enclosure but connected to the Power Mac G5 (OS X 10.5.8) via a SATA to USB (very cheap) adapter shows it’s inserted disk on the desktop.

I installed Toast 10 and clicking the cogwheel on the lower left display the said Pioneer BDR as a viable destination.

A PowerMac G5 can burn BluRay data disks if you install LaCie DiscRecording Support 1.26 for (Mac OS X 10.3.2 through 10.3.x 1.26)

I hope this helps others solve similar issues and help keep the usefulness of the PowerMac G5 continue at least in the BDR age.

Special thanks to Dan who kept the conversation going.

Kind regards


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As an FYI to the above note, this page is now stored on The Internet Archive at for posterity.

All links including the installer download as expected.

- de

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