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Pantalla de 27" con resolución de 2560 x 1440 píxeles Conexiones de cable Thunderbolt y MagSafe

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Vertical and horizontal lines and flickering section

Hi all,

Recently my 27” Apple Thunderbolt Display has been suffering issues with very brief lines flickering across the screen which I ignored initially. However, it progressed into a more serious issue one day when I started work and there were vertical and horizontal 1 pixel lines (1 of each) and the bottom 1/3 of the screen was flickering and presenting a mirrored image of the top section of the screen.

I booked an appointment with Apple and took it in, only to be told it would be a $1k (AUD) repair for a replacement LCD panel.

I’m just getting a second opinion from you guys.

Obviously I’m not going to pay $1k and can repair it myself. I wondered, should I try replacing the “T-Con” first before the whole panel?

I noticed there’s a few new “E3” panels but they seem to use a 40 pin connector rather than 30 pin so aren’t compatible.

Are the panels from Ali Express (such as this any good? The seller reckons it’s a genuine LG panel but you can never tell.



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First the LG display you need is LM270WQ1 (SD)(B3) which is Apple P/N 661-6028. Don’t even try any substitute! The display must have the full number (in bold)

I wouldn’t bother with the T-CON board as a single pixel line is more often a TAB error on the LCD panel. This is when the flex cable connection break free from the metal deposited traces on the glass panel.

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Yep I found the part number but really my question is if anyone has used one of the panels from AliExpress as a replacement. Such as the one I linked or this one ...

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The issue is the lines plus the whole flickering/mirroring in the bottom 1/3. Its a shame there's nothing decent out there as good as these displays in terms of design and quality.

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FYI: Apple is expected to intro their own display again later this year with the next gen of Mac Pro. Can you live with something cheaper for now?

As far as getting stuff from AliExpress - You do run the risk of getting something less than what you expect quality wise. I've gotten good and bad (wrong, broken or fake when I asked for real). I only order small stuff from them.

Maybe you might want to try a different source back in the UK like TheBookYard - P/N 661-6028 they are what I call repurpose recyclers! They also sell new as well.

Being in the UK you have better laws to protect you. I was lucky! One of my clients had an office in the UK so I had someone local who could order and either ship back to the states or have someone hand carry it back.

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Thanks for your help @danj. I did consider getting the LG 5K but that seems to have image retention issues and is wildly expensive unless you gamble on a used one.

I ended up getting a panel from AliExpress for reasonable money (~$350 AUD delivered). The seller was adamant it was an original panel from LG and new. It arrived quickly (2 days!) and well packaged. I fitted it on Friday. I had to replicate the aluminium tape on the original (as I had no aluminium tape I had to use painters blue tape - not ideal but should be ok?) and transfer over some wires that were missing from the replacement. It works fine but if I’m being picky it does seem to have a few imperfections; a few dead pixels (only visible on pure black) on the left and the top right seems to be ever so slightly yellower. After adjusting the temperature down to 6000k to match my late 2015 Thunderbolt Display it seems ok. Overall though I’m happy.

I used TheBookYard for some replacement Mac Pro parts and service and pricing was good.

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@sampotts - Happy you have a working display back!

As far as the painters tape the adhesive they use over time breakdown so you do want to use better tape if you expect the display to last. Once you get the correct tape you should redo it. The function of the foil is two fold, to block light leakage and offer some EMI protection.

Here's what I use 1.89 in. x 9.8 yds. 322 Multi-Purpose HVAC Foil Tape and I also use Polyimide Tape where i don't what the risk of something sorting out.

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