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Modelo A1181: procesador Core 2 Duo de 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2 o 2.4 GHz

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OS install, can't access partition in disk utility

I replaced the HD in my '98 macbook penryn model, then I accidentally loaded a Leopard upgrade DVD instead of the grey install disk to re-install my OS. I followed the instructions for formatting the drive in disk utility with the wrong disk, then when I tried to install realized my mistake.

Now I am using the right disk but the computer doesn't recognize the HD as a location to instal, and I can't access the partitions tab in disk utility to check formatting/re-format. I get the message "disk utility has lost connection with disk management tool and cannot continue. Please quit and relaunch. The partition scheme is now listed as "master boot record"

I have tried restarting holding down 'alt' and also 'c' with no results.


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Try starting from the Leopard upgrade disk, "C" key. Try the partition with it and do the GUID partition.

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Everthing looks good with the upgrade disk: GUID is set, and there is 1 partition that I named Mac HD. But now what? I can't install from here, "mac os x cannot be upgraded to v10.5 on your computer. mac os x v10.4 or later could not be found on your computer" Thanks!

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Now go back to your original installation disk, if it's the one for this machine, and install your system. Next use the upgrade disk to upgrade it.

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What is the best way to switch the disks? I can't eject using the eject key; the only way I was able to switch the disks so far was ejecting by holding the mouse key with start up... And then loading the original, do I need to hold anything down during start-up? This switching disks business is how I got stuck with my original problem in the first place...

(and I do have the original install disks)

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Hold the mouse button on startup to eject.

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Then hold "c" again for start up with install disk?

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If you are not able to access volume in your Mac, you must use some third party tool, which works effectively. I am using Stellar Partition Manager tool to create, format, delete, resize my Mac volume, it is very easy to use and reliable. I am sure if you could use this tool you will definitely format/re-format your Mac volume.

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