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El SanDisk Cruzer Glide es una unidad flash USB con un conector USB retráctil. Viene en una variedad de capacidades de almacenamiento con una caja de plástico negra y roja para todos los modelos.

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usb unreadble on my tv

my usb which worked perfectly fine on my tv now gets the error of being unreadable on my tv

the only thing i did was i formatted the usb for installing mac osx

then upon reformatting using disk utility

it wont be read on the tv

while it works perfectly fine on my laptop to fop and my tv can read other usbs

i would like to know what would be the issue and how to fix it

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When you formated the flash drive you messed it up for the TV. You’ll need to review your TV’s manual to see what formats are supported. Most only support FAT32 or exFAT.

Mac’s also supports these formats for data drives, but for boot drives and when you want Mac’s file security you’ll need MacOS’s GUID format and either HFS+ or APFS file systems.

After saving anything important on your drive you’ll need to reformat it and this time I would select exFAT so your TV can access it.

Here’s more on the differences:

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