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touch id not working after screen replacement

so I replaced the cracked screen of my iPhone 7.

the touch id and home button worked for a little bit of time.

after a while, the phone just turned black, showed a loading icon and turned off.

I turned the phone back on but the touch id and home button stopped working.

i checked connections, tears, and there was no issue. I put the button back on to my old screen and it worked.

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Try a different screen. Often when I have one that does that, it’s just the screen. Each has a flex for that button. Some are cheaper than others. Sounds like all you need is a better screen!

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If you replace your home button by somewhere other that apple touch ID wont work. So I am assuming that when you replaced the screen you also replaced the home button. The reason is because the home button needs to be paired with the motherboard witch only apple has the ability to do that.

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No, I did not replace the home button as well. just the screen

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