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The Visual Land Prestige 10 is an internet enabled tablet made by Visual Land INC. This device page and subsequent repair guides will show you how to remove and replace the devices components.

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Why wont my presige prime tablet work?

When my I plug in my Prestige Prime 10se with a trusted and working charger the tablet looks like it would start up when the word prestige pops up like normal but then the start up screen will start to flash. I also left it charging for about 5 days and then when I tried to power it up it would say it was dead. Sooo…… I really need an answer.

P.S- Ive had my tablet for only 2 weeks

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Hi @jonarsorf ,

Since it is a new tablet, consult the manufacturer’s warranty statement that should have come with the tablet as to what to do to make a claim for a manufacturer’s warranty repair or replacement.

If you can’t find the warranty, here’s a link

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