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My front USB ports do not work

I own a Corsair 460x and a Z270. One of my front USB slots gives out power but does not recognize some devices while the other one does not work at all. I faintly remember it working when I first made the PC. I have uninstalled the drivers but there is no change.

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Hey Alex! It sounds like either an issue with the motherboard, or an issue with your operating system. I’d say it’s likely the motherboard headers. Since you built this PC, I imagine you know your way around it, so I’ll give you a straight answer here. Try taking the side panel off and messing with the USB headers, maybe blow out the connectors, or try reseating it at the very least. Also, do your front panel audio jacks work? If it’s a motherboard issue, they’d likely have some sort of issues. Good luck!

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Hey I'm going to try do that. Also the Front audio jack also does not work. Thanks for the help :)

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