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MacBook Pro Would't Turn On After Tea Spill. Help me


I spilled tea (Sugar+Milk) and I turned it off, put it up side down. keep it off for 3 days and than tried to turn it on but sadly it did’t worked.

I disassemble the logic board and cleaned it with mother board cleaner. Sorry but I am not able to find isopropyl alcohol. Well it still not turning on.

Now some tech guy suggest me to dip logic board in water for few hours and than wash it with water again. Than try again after dry.

I did’t find any damage on logic board but local apple store said logic board need to be replaced but I think problem is with Keyboard may be, as tea was mainly on keyboard only.

May be problem with power button ? Macbook charging fine. Please give suggestions

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Just had a repair like this the other day, the person was using wipes with water in them to clean their keyboard, and the power key would not turn on the machine.

For oxidation issues, I suggest using DeoxIT D5, and a small soft bristle brush. As always when working with chemicals use gloves and caution.

A full shell replacement fixed the problem we had, after removing the old shell and taking a look under the film for the keyboard, it was apparent there was oxidation on the contacts for many of the keys.

There is a chance that this fix may work for you as well. There are many replacement parts available on the web that would work, they range anywhere from $40 and up depending on the state they are in.

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