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How to Migrate Groupwise mailboxes into Exchange server?

I want to Export our mailboxes into Exchange server can any one use Groupwise migration tool or any manual method to migrate Groupwise mailboxes into Exchange server. Suggest me best Groupwise to Exchange migration solution either a manual method or any third-party tool.

Thanks and Regards

Jerry stark

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If you want to migrate Groupwise mailboxes into Exchange then, I would like to suggest try Groupwise to Exchange migration tool from Bitdataconversion which is an affordable solution for Groupwise users and easily migrate Groupwise mailboxes into Live-Exchange server, Office 365, and Outlook. Using this tool you can migrate archive data from Groupwise to Office 365 migration as well as Exchange server mailboxes. The tool also offers a free trial version which can migrate first 25 items/folder as well.

For more info visit here: '''''https://groupwisetoexchange.yolasit...

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