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iPhone Home Button Ribbon Cable Replacement?

Hi friends,

In an attempt to replace my iPhone 7 battery, I tore what I have gathered to be the ribbon cable responsible for touch ID (when iPhone is open like a book, the bottom cable closest to the home-button-end of the phone that falls flesh with the circuit board on the front half of the phone). I understand that in order to replace this cable the entire backlight needs to be replaced.

I read on an older thread that once the backlight is replaced, the home button needs to be calibrated using equipment that only Apple has access to? Is this true? I would be using the original physical home button of the phone, just replacing the backlight. And even with an entire backlight replacement there is still a 50/50 chance that the home button won’t work? Just want to clarify before I spend the money and decide if I’d be better off saving up for a new phone.


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If the home button still has its own small cable and connector you will be fine by replacing your iPhone Lcd screen that comes with the cable you probably tore. There’s no chance to replace the backlight only, you will have to purchase a new full lcd screen, transfer from the old to the new one the front camera/microphone flat cable assembly, home button, metal shield and you will be ready to go, on an iPhone 7 there’s no need for programming anything. Be careful when removing your home button, the cable is small and quite easy to damage.

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