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Is the lock up torque converter needed on th350?

I have a 61’ Chevy c10 with a 78’ 350 5.7L. With what I think is a th350(might be a th350c) automatic Transmission. While changing the tranny oil filter I found a plug with all the wires cut and nothing connected next to the speedometer plug on the right side and later found out it is for the lock up torque converter switch. I haven’t driven the truck because I swapped engines when I got it. Does the plug need to be connected and hooked up to a switch for it to run well or is it something I don’t have to worry about and deal with later? Is the transmission a rh350 or a th350c if I do need the lock up? ( no computer in this truck)

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Nice to see ya again Daniel,

The above link is a great book about the th350 and its history. This book will help you in identifying whether or not this is a th350c. After you're description of the wires and the production year I'm going to say it is a th 350c. That means it does not absolutely require you have a lock-up torque converter. You would have to get a computer and wire it in. You will lose a little bit of gas efficiency for Highway and long trip, however I don't believe that's the life you're going to deal to that project.

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