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My cpu fan is dead

My cpu fan seems to be dead. How do i replace it? thanks.

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xop here is the Service manual service manual for your computer model. It is a HTML version but can be downloaded. It will show you exactly what to do. Good Luck

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Agregar un comentario is a great resource for finding/buying Dell laptop parts and they also have guides on how to fix it yourself.

You're going to need one of the two fan models on the page below. Check which one is already in your system and then purchase the appropriate one.

Then use this guide on how to replace it.

Hope that helps!

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You can buy a CPU fan from eBay and you tube the tutorial to replace it on board. However I would suggest you to take your replacement fan to a local technician shop and have it replaced as logic boards are little delicate and doing it in a wrong way can cause a permanent damage to your processor.

Good Luck.

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