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Accessories for Microsoft game consoles. Fixing broken game console accessories is straightforward with the right tools.

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Xbox 360 Racing Wheel Recall

I’m looking to acquire an Xbox 360 Wireless Racing wheel, but I saw that certain models were recalled and repaired/retrofitted by Microsoft. Does anyone know what this repair entailed, and if its possible to do it myself? Thanks in advance!

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Why risk getting a bad one? Why not go with it’s newer replacement, the Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Speed Wheel

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Well, I thought about that, but I'm trying to set up a way for my grandfather to play a driving game, and I think the physical steering wheel and pedals will be much more intuitive for him than the wireless controller. He hasn't really played video games before, so I think the more familiar the controls, the better the chances that he will enjoy it. I'm definitely open to other wheel/pedal combos though, budget permitting!


well you know what SKU numbers to avoid.


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