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freezer works,but my fridge doesn’t.

Hi, i have a whirlpool gs2shexns00 fridge, my issue is my freezer works,but my fridge doesn’t. The freezer door is where the display and controls are i see the lights are on. When i open my fridge, its not cold and not even the door light turns on. when i take the plug and plug it back in, the refrigerator and light works. it happens like once a week, been going on for awhile, need help. Thanks!

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Can you hear a fan stopping/starting in the freezer section of the fridge (not the condenser fan outside the fridge compartments) when you open and close a door?

If not and as you are also having problems with the interior light in the refrigerator, then there may be a problem with the refrigerator door switch - part #5.

When the door is open the switch operates to “tell” the control board to turn on the light and to stop the evaporator fan in the freezer compartment so that the cold air being supplied to the refrigerator section by the fan in the freezer section will NOT be blown out of the open door, therefore minimizing the loss of cold air. The light turns off and the fan starts again when the door is shut.

As the evaporator unit is in the freezer compartment the fan is required to blow the cold air into the refrigerator section to cool it down to the correct temperature. A damper unit controls the amount of cold air required

Try manually operating and releasing the switch in the refrigerator compartment to see if the light goes on and off and if you can hear the evaporator fan (in the freezer compartment behind a panel) stop and start.

If the light doesn’t turn on/off or if you can’t hear the fan stop/start then with the power disconnected from the fridge remove the switch (here’s a repair video for the switch showing how to replace it) and test the switch for continuity using an Ohmmeter.

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