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El Samsung Galaxy J2 es un teléfono inteligente Android que se lanzó en noviembre de 2016.

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Why does my phone fail to charge


I dropped my phone in water a day ago. It worked fine at first (except for some stains under the screen that went away during the day), and I used it for about 12 hours until the battery died. After that, I noticed that it didn’t charge, so I took it to a store for diagnosing.

They told me I needed to change both the port and the battery, since both were damaged. I put the battery in another phone just to check, and it charged just fine. I told them about that, and they said that the battery was damaged anyway, and that it would work for other phones, but not for mine. I figured that they were being dishonest, since what they said sounded illogical, so I chose to only replace the port, after which the supposedly damaged battery charged very well.

However, right now, after the battery has died, it isn’t charging again. Could you please help me understand what might be the problem?


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Maybe you should let them put the battery in it. Because like they said it is likely water damaged. Hopefully the bad battery wouldn’t have shorted out your charging port again.

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Thank you! I'm still wondering if it's actually possible for a battery to work fine in one phone but not in the other, like they said.

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I took it to several other stores today; they said the battery was fine, and the problem was with the port: probably the first man hadn't fixed it well. I asked also them if the battery could damage the port, they said that it wasn't possible.

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Finally turned out that the port was okay, as well as the battery, but for some reason, the new port will only charge with original samsung chargers.

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