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Versión celular del iPad Air de segunda generación de Apple. Modelo A1567.

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Touchscreen not working even after touch IC replacements

Received an iPad Air 2 with water damage which didn’t turn on. I checked everything and removed/replaced the burned capacitors etc and now it turns on. Touchscreen is not responsive, so I reballed all 3 touch IC and it still doesn’t work. Any advice what else could be the problem before I spend $30 for the 3 IC that may or may not help.

There are 2 resistors (R4012 and R4013) I haven’t replaced yet and 1 diode (NSR10F40NXT5G) and could those be the culprit.

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What do you mean when you say you haven’t replaced the two resistors and diode yet? Are they on the logic board now and if so, have you tested them to see if they are good? If they aren’t on the board, then yes, you must replace them.

As for the original problem, have you tried a known-good replacement screen assembly? That would be the first thing I would try as the water damage could have affected the electronics on the actual screen (you can this on the bottom of the LCD (backside). then I would probe the Touch connector to see if all of the pins have the proper readings. Only then would I consider reballing IC’s.

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Yeah I tried swapping displays with another ipad air 2. Display of the waterdamage ipad works fine on another ipad. I have not replaced the 3 parts yet. I just removed them or they were already gone. I will do that first and try again.

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I replaced the 3 missing parts from a donor board and I also measured the values on the flex connectors. It was within good range according to ZXW. Also tried attaching the display to another ipad air 2 and it works on the good ipad. Reballed the 3 touch IC on the board, but still nothing. Could be one of them is defective. Do you know if the IC can be taken from an iPhone?

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The Air 2 uses two Cumulus IC's (white) and one Stinger IC (black). The Cumulus have a slight variation in the part number (BCM5976TC1KUB60G) so I'm not certain if they are backwards/forward compatible with the IP6 version. The black IC (Meson equivalent) is called Stinger and it is an expensive IC.

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Found the set online for $35 and it is a "maybe I can fix it with this". Most important thing for her is the data, but because the touchscreen doesn't work, I cannot trust the PC I am trying to back up to. Any alternatives?

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Not really, you have to be able to initiate trust so you need touch functions.

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