A way to enter my tabelt and get data of it?

Hello, I have a kindle fire hdx that I broke the screen and now need to get all my information from it into my computer. Before (Which I should gotten fixed , was that the screen was loose, so anytime I had the tablet, the screen would turn into that static like TV and it would be all jumbled. I "fixed' it by bending the screen back into place and it would be normal again. Bend it back too far where my touchscreen won't move or slide. The only thing that was responsive was on the upper right corner where I could move it. I didn't mess with it until I looked online about connecting a Bluetooth mouse and otg cable for the mouse. I tested USB on my tablet, no cursor was showing so I switched it with my other tablet and the cursor showed up. Is there anyway to get data of my tablet. I also have a security pin number for the kindle fire before I'm in the silk browser homepage.  Is there any way to connect my kindle to my computer and get data off there like remote access/emulator>

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