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Repair information for the MSI Leopard gaming laptop computer with model number MS-16J3, also called the GP62 2QE Leopard Pro.

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No signs of power.

I don’t have this exact model of msi laptop, my laptop being a generation old GL62M 7rdx with wn i7 7700hq, 8gb 2400 ddr4 ram, gtx 1050 2gb. I recently just closed the laptop to do something when I came back things worked fine for about 30 seconds then I heard a click, it turned off and now there are no signs of power at all. I’ve disconnected the battery and unplugged it, held the power button then set it all back up but still no signs of power. No power LED no display, no keyboard backlighting, fans don’t spin nothing. I’m running out of options now which is why I’m posting here. I hope someone can at least tell me what could be wrong.

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Hi Chris, we have the same laptop but I have the 4gb GTX 1050 one. What I did is open the back panel, remove the internal battery, press power for 15 secs. Next thing I removed is the RAM sticks, I have 12gb RAM sticks (4+8gb), 4gb at the bay 1 (inner/lower bay) and 8gb at bay 2 (outer/upper bay). Before sealing, and would probably raise some DIY people’s brows, is to plug the laptop and do a test run, start the laptop and check if it boots up. Works fine by me and it did very well right now. If it still doesn’t boot up, or have any power out of it, there might be other problems.

Hope this helps.

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