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I Can't Record my games with Shadow play. HELP!

Hello ,

I’m alwasy playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 , PUBG , Scrap Mechanic etc.

Some of these games I must record for report other players or very useful tricks.

Now I’m using Xbox dvr ( built in Windows 10 ) but ı want to record my games with Shadow play.

When I’m in game which ı want to record , I press Alt + Z t open Shadow Play ıt is perfect opens no problem but when ı press Alt + f9 to start recording nothing happens in Scrap Mechanic. Also in ETS 2 Shadow Play says me to ‘‘ need supported game ‘‘ but ETS 2 is still supported game.

My laptop is HP OMEN 17 GTX 1050ti i7 8750H

No settings changed on Nvidia , from buy my pc.

Help me please.

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When opening it, start the videos from there instead of using a hotkey.

See if that fixes your issues, or delete and reinstall Geforce Experience. That’s what has Shadow Play.

It won’t delete your drivers.

If that doesn’t work.

Download a older version of Geforce Experience.

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