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The PlayStation 3 Slim is the second version of the PS3 video game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released September 1, 2009.

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Ps3 won't turn on after thermal paste replacement

Ps3 was working fine before doing the replacement. But since it was making too much fan noise, I’ve decided to change the paste. After changing and reassembling, the Ps3 turns on with green light, but nothing happens ( no fan spinning or any sound, no image on TV). And after some ~10 seconds the fan spins and the ps3 shuts right off.

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Open it up again, maybe check a guide for this one. Although the fact you know about thermal paste, ha, you probably know what your doing. So it could of been a mess up. May not be good of enough contact. Open it up again, make sure everything is plugged up right and screwed in tight for contact.

Thermal paste in majority isn’t conductive, so I don’t know want to say thermal paste in any way is the issue.

Have you went back in it and try again? Or mess around?

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Hey Brett, thanks for replying!

Let me just say that there was one time I brought it to a repair place, and they returned it without some of the screws. But that can't be the problem because it worked after. And also does the thermal paste need to be specific for the ps3? I also opened and double checked all cables to make sure that wasn't the problem, yet it still doesn't work. Maybe it's better to take it to repair again.


No, specific thermal paste for it shouldn't be necessary.

I definitely am a hands-on person, and the best I can do is trust you weren't aggressive with opening it? Im wondering if the PS3 is doing this now not because of the APU cooler or thermal paste but what you did getting to it.

If you are sure everything looks right and you know you weren't aggressive, I would take of the cooler once again, clean it, reapply thermal paste, and make sure it screws on tight for connection.

Could of damaged the motherboard or psu. The fact it takes some time to boot then shuts off means it takes a while for to register a power source or connection, and the fact it turns off means something is faulty or maybe the APU is getting too hot.

Might have to take it too a repair shop.

Could look up guides on cleaning the motherboard with some alcohol.


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