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Released in 2010 and 2011, the G73 is a series of gaming laptops from Asus. Model numbers include G73JH, G73JW, and G73SW. All versions use an Intel Core processor and dedicated graphics card.

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Is it safe to use my charger adaptor

I have Asus ROG G73SW model. Wondering if it safe to use my charger since the black plastic that was once on the adaptor tip of my charger melted inside my DC jack. So wanted to know it be still ok to use and wanted to know since I'm gonna replace my motherboard on laptop soon and dont want to short/fry the motherboard. Is it ok to use other adaptor tips to replace the old one I have? 1st picture show how the tip doesn't have the black plastic on it. 2nd picture shows another charger adaptor tip I have laying around if I should cut that one off and put it on my charger? Hope the pictures helps.

Block Image

Block Image

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Hi @fernando21 ,

I suggest that you replace the plug. (ensure that you get the polarity correct)

The plastic is there to prevent a possible connection from the +ve centre connector (which may have power on it if you haven’t switched off the adapter before inserting it) to anything that it may touch which it shouldn’t when you are inserting it, which can cause problems. Don’t risk it.

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Will do since I have a extra adaptor tip will just use that one thanks for replying

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