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Model A1181: 1.83, 2, 2.1, 2.13, 2.16, 2.2, or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Question on logic boards A1181

I've asked a couple of questions on this machine already, mostly dealing with inability of loading an OS.

I can not get an SSD or an HDD to be recognized while in or out of machine. If I can get it to boot from an install DVD, it will show up in disk utility. Upon trying to load from dvd it always quits half way through. Now to question:

If it is a bad logic board, and I believe it may be, there are many on ebay etc. My part number is. 820-2213-A. It also has energy star on left dimm and under part number. This is a 2.16 Ghz T7400 processor. The only board ifixit has is non energy star. Some vendors list my part number but 2.0Ghz (and usually T7200 processor).

You would think that any board with 820-2213-A, would be the same as mine, 2.16Ghz, T7400 processor and energy star or be a different part number. But we are talking about apple products here! They like you and I guessing.

Can anyone tell me for sure that if I get an 820-2213-A logic board it will be the right one? If not how many configurations are there for that number. I've gone and taken all the plugs off and made sure they are tight from the new hard drive cable to the board and drive. I re-thermal pasted the cpu and gpu so I'm sure it is T7400 cpu.

As a last resort any other suggestions as to what my problem might be other than logic board?

Sorry I don't know how to link my other 2 questions so you can see what has been done and checked.

Thanks guys


As an edit, I looked on ebay and at least 3 have listings for 820-2213-A listed as core 2 duo 2GHz T7200. So that part number is not reliable! So now what? I've worked with part numbers all my life as a technician, and if the part number ain't right it just ain't gonna work … WTH???

Update (01/27/2019)

I found that there are 4 different board types using that part number. There are many different configurations. 820-2213-A is manufacturers pn. Apple pn is 661-4397 for the 2.16GHz T7400 processor and energy star logic board. Apple uses these for identification of individual board specs. Still not absolutely positive it is bad logic board. Never found 661 # on my board.

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Question. Besides the fact there is a slight difference between the processors (ghz for example), for as far as I know the motherboards are interchangeable. To be sure, you can check detailed images to make sure all connectors on the motherboard you plan to buy are exactly the same.

And I wonder, did you check the sata cable connecting the HDD/SSD to the motherboard, and try with a install by using a memory stick of by wifi.

- Por


New cable installed end of Dec with no difference.

When I am able to get it to boot from install DVD, I can see and run disk repair from disc utility. I can not boot from any drives, including usb flash, external hdd usb dock, or internal. Whether ssd is internal or external if you try to boot machine it goes to blinking question mark.

Most if not all older macbook, macbook pro will not boot from bootable flashdrive. Especially core2duo.

You have energy star, non energy star, 4 wall, 3 wall for the various logic boards for part # 820-2213-A. The best way I'm told, is by serial #, which in my case is apple# 661-4483 or 4484 (which is for the black macbook). They are 3 box w/T7400 2.16 GHz processor.

I ordered a new logic board from powerbook These folks had the board and were very helpful and very resonable pricing. Ebay sellers I spoke with really didn't know much about what they sell.

I'll let you all know how it works out when I'm done


- Por

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Could it be just a bad hard drive cable

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@ marcheroux

Did you read the comment above?

1st line: new cable end of Dec.

- Por

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Ok so I get to answer. In case anyone is interested, the main issue all along (except for the first HDD in June) was the

Logic board. I had thought maybe the hard drive cable was the culprit, and Dan (I think) said the 7200 sata 3 hard drive was too “fast” for this old crate. The SDD el cheapo I got off Amazon (inland professional) 240GB for 29.99 is working quite well so far and has breathed new life into this old thing.

I bought the used logic board from powerbook medic ( these folks were very helpful. It shipped and was received in 4 days. I loaded the OS from the disk I thought might be bad (but was’nt) on pretty much the first try.

There is a lot of research gone into this final repair, and I implore anyone contemplating doing this sort of thing, to do the research as there were many different ways to get into trouble or get the wrong part. I thank everyone here for the help to get it going in the right direction.

In closing, it is still an old computer that is not supported by apple and I can’t go to every website because of the lack of security support, Firefox is even not supporting Lion any longer. It works for me and for whatever reason I like it.


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