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Released on July 28th, 2017, the New Nintendo 2DS XL is a handheld gaming console succeeding the Nintendo 2DS.

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Why does my 2ds xl freezes during a game

I'm able to play Mario kart for a couple minutes but than it freezes. Of course I power it off and open it up again and the same problem happens again. I don't think I need an update on the game since the eshop says I have everything updated

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repair the software even of it says you don´t have to

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could be dirty cart slot

use some canned air and blow it out

if that doesn’t help

with the console off, put some 99% rubbing alcohol on the gold pads of a game cart and insert and take out the cart a few times, leave to dry for 30 minutes, this will gently clean the contacts inside the console and on the game

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