random automatically restart with no opening application running

we are using xeon processor intel mother board ,256gb ssd, 1tb hdd, 24gb ram ddr4 and 22 inch Samsung monitor proposes for design when we are using this pc suddenly it will restart. we are using ups for power supply.

1.we clean ram and motherboard

2.change os

3.update drivers

4.change new ram

we do above things but that problem not solved ?

anyone here help for this issue.

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Hi @sundar_4v ,

Try disabling auto restart step.4 to see if there is an error message on the screen when it shuts down.

You will have to restart the PC manually afterwards.

Also check in Event Viewer to see if there are any Critical, Error or Warning events listed at the time the PC shuts down.

- de

dont have any message before or after restart.because when we dont use any application or programe that time also it will restart.

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Hi @sundar_4v ,

Was hoping that there would be a Windows OS error message as to why it shutdown.

So when you disabled the setting it just shuts down without a message?

Have you tried powering it directly( not via UPS) to eliminate the UPS as the problem?

- de

possible to list out all components?

download bluescreenview - nirsoft to check this

also I would like to know more on the power supply built,

check that the cpu heatsink is properly mounted.

if you test without the casing .... does it still reboot?

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Unexpected restarts generally point to the power supply going bad / can't handle load.

It can also be caused by not enough power going to CPU. Unstable CPU overclock can cause this too.

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