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Lanzado en Septiembre 19, 2014, este iPhone con pantalla de 4.7" es la versión pequeña del iPhone 6 Plus.

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Apple icon shows then goes black

Just recently my iPhone started acting up. I think it started when I changed the screen myself after I dropped it and it broke. It worked fine for a few months and then it started to act weird. It would show that it was fully charged, but it would drain so quickly that within five minutes of use it was dead. I ended up getting an external battery, which solved the problem for the most part.

Then, one morning it only showed the drained battery icon, like when it’s dead and then you plug it in. But the problem is that it had been charging all night and was still showing that. It wouldn’t turn on if separated from a power source, and I had to open it up to disconnect and then reconnect the battery a few times before it would actually work. This would happen a couple times, whether it had been charging all night or if I let it die.

Eventually I changed the battery, and that seemed to fix the problem. The battery life wasn’t great, but at least I didn’t have to always keep it plugged in. Of course, that didn’t last long. Within a month it would immediately turn off when unplugged. At first the battery life got worse. Then it would “restart” if unplugged, sometimes turning back on but only to die again. Then it would start to show the apple icon, turn off, show the icon, turn off, and repeat that until the battery died.

Now the issue is that the phone won’t work, even when plugged in. If I plug it in, it will show the apple icon then go black, with the back light still on. I first thought it had been water damaged, as I had left it face down on a table, then spilled a little water near it (I should add that the screen was partially up, as for some reason the battery was too high and wouldn’t allow the screen to fully attach back to the body. I did put some medical tape on it to prevent water damage though). I didn’t think about it at first, but I later picked it up and the screen showed the blurred background, but no writing or apps. I turned it off in case there was something wrong. After that it started to only show the logo. I don’t really think it’s water damage since I left it in rice overnight, there’s no corrosion, no damage indicators, and the water would have had a hard time getting in. But I still have no idea what’s wrong.

I’ve tried doing a hard reset (home button and lock button pressed together) both when it’s plugged in and when it isn’t. When plugged in it turns off then turns back on and does the same thing it did before. When not plugged in nothing happens. I’ve also tried disconnecting and reconnecting the battery. I haven’t been able to try plugging it into a computer to see if it’s recognized because I don’t have access to one right now. If you can help that would be fantastic!

TL;DR Phone had battery issues in the past. With new battery, started issue where it shows apple icon then goes black with the back light still on.

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When you mentioned the screen wouldn’t close was that the old battery or new one? To me this issue sounds like 1 of 3 things.

You could have a charging port issue but that’s not entirely likely since it does register as being plugged in.

You could have been sent a defective battery and in that case would need to replace it.

Your phone could have a Tristar issue.

Out of those three I’d say its probably a defective battery

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The glass is up now, after the battery change. I'm thinking it's because the little strips used beneath the battery to keep it in place are too big.

If it's a Tristar issue, do you think it's worth attempting to repair it?


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I have the same issue with a almost brand new iPhone 8+ and I think I may know the problem, when I was removing original fingerprint home button I made a tear near to where the connection is made, so Ill try replacing with a new button and update what happens.

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