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La Xbox One S, diseñada por Microsoft Corporation, fue lanzada en Agosto de 2016. La Xbox One S es un rediseño de la Xbox One.

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Controller wont turn on

I used to play with games via wired USB with my controller but one day it didnt started, the light didnt glow on the controller , I tried to turn it on through the batteries but didnt worked . please help i dnt have any service centre around me (in my city).

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  1. I would check to see if the charge port (micro usb) on the controller looks damaged in any way.
  2. how long have you been playing wired and how old is the controller?
  3. does it smell burnt?

it could be that you burnt out the controller, not a common issue but its highly possible

and with wired controllers being around $30 anyways it would be a smart investment to just buy a new one rather then get it repaired if it is indeed a hardware issue

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I have checked its not burnt and USB looks fine. Though most of times i play via USB and less oftenly via wirelessly. Ihave check couple of utube videos nd some stated that it might be the issue with capacitor on the motherboard got damaged

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then I would replace it man, I'm sorry. wit might be 30-40 dollars to fix it IF someones willing to do it. go to gamester and get a used one

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Try these troubleshooting steps:

  • Press and hold the system controller button for 5 sec after release check the controller turn on .
  • Charge the controller and other using adapter.
  • If your controller is detected but the LED light is off then may be indicate that issue in LED(light)

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No its not turning on , have you ever replaced or removed the capacitor in the motherboard of the controller coz many people ought to have done that and said this was the common problem

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The charger port(micro usb) in My controller have damaged,what can I do to fix it

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