Wireless headphones (fake Beats) has sound but refuses to play media

Hello everyone! :)

I own a pair of fake Beats (they’re a copy of the Lamborghini Studio Wireless edition and they’re rechargeable) so let’s just imagine them as ordinary wireless headphones, and when it’s connected to my phone, it plays media (Spotify and YouTube, for example) perfectly but if I take the wire off and try to listen to Spotify, for example, it will show on my phone that the music is directed to my Beats but absolutely nothing happens (I do hear a little faint sound like the headphones are playing “sound” but no music is playing).

I don’t understand it… I mean, it seems to be paired fine, the sound is ON and all the way up because if I make a call it’s perfectly clear but when I want to use it for media, nothing. Again, if I plug it, everything works fine.

I have tried resetting them the way recommended (start button and volume down), alas, no results.

Any guesses, my genius friends? :)


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