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A sturdy tablet designed by HP for business and government use.

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I read there are CPU upgrade options on one article, which ones fit?

Which CPU upgrades are possible? I’m assuming it is not soldered onto the motherboard, because the article I read, said it could be done.

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Laptops & Tablets tend not to offer CPU chip upgrades as the thickness of the system would suffer with the added height of the socket.

You might find a replacement logic board is an option if HP offered up a version with either more memory or a higher clocked CPU.

Reviewing the spec sheet for your system this system uses an Intel 1.8 GHz Adam Z2760 CPU with 2 GB of RAM and is the only configuration HP offered so there is no logic board swap-out option.

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Silly, that article was mistaken! upon further research, you are correct there. However, there are true windows tablets that offer upgrade-ability, though few and far between.

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Thats why I used the word 'tend' as some do! But these are thicker older units. Todays models are soldered chips as people want thin units.

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