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El reloj inteligente de Apple de tercera generación con conectividad celular opcional lanzado el 22 de septiembre de 2017.

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Does replacing the glass/LCD affect the ability to pair with a device?

I heard if you replace this part on the 3rd or 2nd gen, the device will no longer pair with another device which seems odd.

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Apple Watch Series 3 screen replacement post probably answers your question (Read Dan’s answer, it talks about your problem). From what I understand from the post, the NFC chip is paired to the mainboard and thus will cause a problem during replacement on the series 3. Therefore, you will probably have problems after replacing the screen. This ifixit guide is decent for replacing the S3 with an S2 screen, where the author proposes a solution by soldering the S3 NFC chip to the S2 screen and then using it. However, there is no mention for problems with pairing to another device, so if you don’t mind not using Apple Pay, you can use the S3 screen. Otherwise you’ll have to do the tricky operation with the NFC chip and the S2 screen.

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I have Apple Watch Series 3 42mm GPS missing screen.

I read all the topics here and I could not find out one thing:

Will I have any issues with pairing (Apple Pay is not important) if I have screen from the same model?

I know that I can buy new one or use from the locked watch but I read that without original screen’s NFC module replaced it can be an issue.


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