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A 23-inch touchscreen All-in-One powerhouse PC put out by HP that is intended for business and home uses. The HP product number for this device is: #K1K41UT#ABA

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Graphics card compatibility to its stock motherboard

We are going to buy HP EliteDesk 800 G1 tower CPU and its interface type is PCI Express x16 . i want to buff my pc by upgrading its graphics card. i read about something about PCI 2.0 and PCI 3.0. if i bought a PCI 3.0 graphics card, will it work with my mother board? what GPUs can you recommend that will suit in my current MoBo?? btw my mother board is Intel Q87 express

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Any graphics card with a PCI Express connection (regardless if it’s a 2.0 or 3.0 port - these are interchangeable, the only difference is the speed of the connection, however the difference is not noticeable, unless you get a high-end GPU like a 1080(Ti) or 1070). The limit is given by the fairly weak power supply in the computer.

You would recommend something like a 1050 or a 1050Ti is the best you could get, just make sure to measure the space you have available. To be sure just get one of the smaller-sized (mini) cards, like these (these are almost guaranteed to work):

A 1030 (Mini) would also work, but the cost difference between it and a better performing 1050 is not worth it.

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What if i upgrade my psu , rx 570 8gb would work ?

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i think you are getting confused the platform, this boy asked about an "all in one" HP EliteOne 800 G1, this PC uses graphics with format MXM. i'm not sure what graphics he can uses in this All in One besides of the AMD radeon HD 7650A. i also want to know what GPUs they can uses in this PC.

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@Brayam Salgado

Reading the original question above, the OP asked about an EliteDesk 800 G1 Tower PC but selected an EliteOne 800 G1 (All-in-One) as the device, so the above answer is valid.

I will amend the device entry after a day or so to the correct device, to give you time to see where your confusion may have arisen.

Here's the maintenance and service guide as well as the hardware reference guide, for the EliteOne 800 G1 All-in-One that may help.


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