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Some common and uncommon cables used with PCs

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How to rewire a OTG Cable easily without soldering?

My OTG cable was broken a bit so I can’t connect to anything? So how can rewire a OTG Cable easily without soldering?

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I wanted an otg cable and saw a DIY on YouTube. I had not soldered for 20yrs or so. Picked up a cheap solder pencil iron and flux. I made 3 cables that same day lol

Learn how to solder. It's super easy. Anyone can do it. Once you get the technique down you can pretty much make any specialty cord, adapter, speaker, microphone, guitar pickups….really the possibilities are only limited to your ability/experience. Learn how to solder buddy. It's a very practical skill to have.

Advice…use flux always. Lots of videos say you don't need it. You need it. It makes a world of difference.

Good luck!

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Hi @mateam8424 ,

You don’t state where the cable is broken.

If the cable is broken close to the USB connector, either end, which most likely is a molded plug then you’ll have to replace the plug which requires re soldering the wires.

If the cable is broken away from the plug and you have enough length to work with, then you could cold twist joint the wires and insulate them but this is not electrically sound and is bound to cause problems.

Save yourself from the potential problems of not soldering the wiring. OTG cables are very cheap to purchase new. Just search on Ebay etc.

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You can try twisting open ends together by hand and then isolating them, however it is very unreliable and possibly dangerous.

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So, how? Can we do that without soldering them back?

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