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Lanzado en junio de 2012 / Procesador Core i7 con Turbo Boost / Hasta 1 GB de RAM de video DDR5

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Does Late 2012 model support PCIe/NVMe SSD?

I was wondering if I could upgrade my existing MacBook Pro Late 2012 with Samsung 970 PCIe/NVMe SSD.

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To my knowledge, No

It does support standard 2.5” SSD’s though.

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There’s no way to connect it to a Gen 3 x4 PCIe lanes within the PCH.

I don’t even think your CPU/PCH has support for that, back then it would have been AHCI/PCIe Gen 2 which is much slower then what your M.2 needs, even if you could connect it…

The most speed you can get will be from Samsung Pro SSDs, optimized with Samsung magician in RAID 0, still very fast.

I would also do a RAM upgrade to 16 GB if you haven’t done that already. Even if you decide to use only one SSD and upgrade the RAM this will give you the best performance gain for the money.

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I have a mid 2012 MacBook Pro with 4gb ram. I need it upgraded to 16gb but the officials say it takes up to 8gb max. Is that so?, And also I may do upgrade my hdd to that a complex process ? Pls let me know how to install an SSD in place of hdd

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I have a mid-2012 MacBook Pro 9,2 and I have installed 16Gb of DDR3 no problem at all. The machine takes 8Gb per slot and you have two slots.

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