Ps3 slim flashing red light but it's not hot(FRUSTRATED)

Hello,i’ve done a deep research on this topic but not satisfied as i can’t find an identical problem with mine. I will give all necessary information as i’m totally frustrated and want some results,hoping i can get a help.

I recently bought a (obviously) secondhand ps3 slim 120gb which was running smoothly with no problems(no loud fan or anything obvious). A few days ago it suddenly turned off with 3 beeps and red lights flashing which made me nearly have a heart attack because i bought a fat ps3 a month ago only to find out it’s near death with it’s rocket fan noise and decided to buy a slim,then get rid of the fat one.

The shut off was really random at that time but now since then whenever i turn it on it always shuts off after 10 mins or so. If i immediately turn it on,it wont turn on But if i wait it turns on just to turn off at around 10 mins. PS: while turning it on,i dont see a yellow light, only green light which is followed with flashing red light and 3 beeps.

I watched some tutorials and opened it,cleared it with care and it wasnt even too dusty as the old fat ps3 which had its fans running like a jet plane.

Anyway, it didnt fix it. I listened to it and i can hear the fan but its silent and it isnt hot or not even warm when i touch it as it turns off. I tried running it in safe mode and the same thing happened. Not sure but this clarifies that its not a hard drive issue,right?


1- I’m aware of that it could be overheating but if so,why it isnt hot and the fan isnt loud?(i tested the fans with fan test and they can work at full speed)

2-why does it take around 10 mins to suddenly turn off? Too long for a power supply issue,but too short for an overheating issue imo. (PS: it wont turn on for a few minutes with red flashing light again if i turn it on without waiting-still never yellow light)

3-there’s never a yellow light even once when its turning off or turning on, and its nearly dust-free now

4-happens in safe mode too

Tired of searching for a smooth ps3 and i really want to fix this out,would be uber happy if i could get a little help. Thanks

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