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El iMac es la línea de computadoras desktop de todo-en-uno de Apple.

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Separate the slab from the glass on a 2017 iMac 4k screen!


En démontant l'écran de mon iMac de 2017, j'ai fêlé la vitre qui est désormais lié à la dalle 4K. La dalle est intact, pas la vitre que je voudrais changer seule pour minimiser le coût financier. Est-ce possible ? Bidouilleur bienvenue ;)


Disassembling the screen of my 2017 iMac, I cracked the glass that is now linked to the 4K slab. The slab is intact, not the glass I would like to change alone to minimize the financial cost. Is it possible ? Welcome bidder ;)

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The glass is fused using the same adhesive that is used for cellphone display glass. You can pick it off, slowly and carefully, using a heat gun/hair dryer, patience, and extreme TLC. This process risks both scratching the LCD surface and utterly breaking it due to the flexing force of the glass you are attempting to pick/peel off.

Once completed, you would need to find a supplier of the glass, alone. You can use UV glass adhesive to bond a new glass to it, but you would need some sort of vacuum chamber system to remove all of the air bubbles. It might be more worthwhile to buy a new assembly and sell your damaged one as parts. There are groups that buy them so they can refurbish and resell them.

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Thank you Isaac for your answer. I'll take your second solution ... Apple definitely makes disposable products, it's sad for the consumer. Greeting.

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