Flashlight turns on when plugged in, but the phone won't start

My Oppo A71K (what it says on the box) wont turn on no matter what I do, I did everything with the buttons and all, with and without plugging in. It wont turn on, but every time I plug it in, the flashlight turns on but dim. And it doesn’t turn on even if I leave it charging for some time. It only turns the flashlight on and heats up.

Also, before this happens, there’s this; I was using my phone and the battery went low (below 15%) so I plug it in. Then a few seconds later, it says the charger is overvolting (or something like that, i don’t remember) and it asks to use a different charger. I tried restarting it, it worked, but the battery went up to 70% somehow. So I used it normally again, until it drains low (faster than usual obviously) then at 13% it went off. That’s what happened.

And ever since that, the flashlight turns on when plugged it but dim, phone won’t start and just heats up.


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