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Anunciado el 16 de octubre de 2014, identificable por el número de modelo A1347 y EMC 2840.

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Can I use the 240Gb from a MBA to speed up my Mac Mini


what’s the latest on this? I have a MacBook Air in which I am planning to install a larger flash storage. Currently 240Gb, upgrading to the 480Gb (OWC Aura Pro X 480GB probably).

Can I use the 240Gb that comes out to speed up the slow Mac Mini that only has 4Gb RAM soldered on?

I understand it is not that easy, but possible with the right cable. Does it exist by now (December 2018) and what should I be looking for?

Would love to keep the current 500Gb HD as a second disk. The 240Gb flash then mostly for speeding up the MacMini.

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We need to know the exact models on each machine.

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Review this great guide The Ultimate Guide to Apple’s Proprietary SSDs. Compare your systems SSD's to see if they are compatible.

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Thanks Dan, that looks like the information I need to study!

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I now understand I can not improve the 4Gb of RAM in my Mac Mini 7,1 (late 2014). Improving the speed with an internal faster 'hard disk' might give at best 15% improvement because of a bottle neck in the hardware. I will just upgrade my MacBook Air (early 2015) to 480Gb and use the 280Gb in some kind that makes it into external USB 3.0 storage.

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Your system supports two drives! A SATA HDD/SSD & a PCIe blade SSD

So depending on your exact model and blade SSD you might be able to install the blade SSD.

Here's whats needed: Reemplazo de cable SSD PCIe Mac Mini Finales 2014

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Sounds good. I have a Macmini 7,1 (Late 2014) with a dual-core Intel Core i5 (1.4 GHz) and an Intel HD Graphics 5000 processor and 500 GB 5400 rpm HDD. Does it have this cable already on board or should I purchase it? And more importantly, is it worthwhile? Will it speed up the MacMini (with just 4Gb RAM) as much as replacing a HDD with an SDD in a MacBook?

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Yes, you'll need the cable as it's not installed in HDD only models.

And yes I do think its worthwhile!

It will offer speed in the boot up and running apps. You will need to install the OS onto the SSD and alter the boot drive to the SSD for this to work.

Setting up a dual drive setup is better!

Here the faster SSD is used for the OS & your Apps. Your HDD is used to hold your data. That way you don't need such a large SSD if you where to swap out the HDD for a SSD. Don't forget the PCIe interface is faster than the SATA III (6.0 Gb/s) so it will be still better than swapping out your HDD for a SSD.

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Hello ReindeR.

Unfortunately what you wish is not possible, even with the use of adapters. The flash storage you plan to remove from your MacBook cannot be used as RAM for your Mac mini.

While technically both “memory” the flash devices used for Storage or RAM will have different controllers and different connectors. The performance requirements for RAM are also much higher, which is why a 32MB RAM will cost far more than 128GB of flash storage.

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Actually, I do not want to use the 240Gb from the MacBook as RAM because it is not RAM. But my experience is that having the system run from SDD speeds up the machine. So, can I use the 240Gb as a 2nd disk?

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